Thanks in part to the trust and support given by the Industrial Engineering School of Vigo and the University itself, students created the first Galician Formula Student team in 2014.

2014-2015 Season

UVigo Motorsport represented University of Vigo and Galicia with the design of its first single-seater, the UM15; in the competitions of Silverstone 2015 (UK), Hockenheim 2015 (Germany) and Montmeló 2015 (Spain). In its first season the team achieved a remarkable debut result in all three competitions and a team member even received an award in Formula Student UK: the Craig Dawson prize for the most valuable member in the competition, a reward reflecting his invested effort. UVigo Motorsport made history in Formula Student by winning a title in its first year of participation.

2015-2016 Season

In its second season, the team branched out into different competitions such as Formula Student Czech Republic and Formula Student Spain. It also introduced a brand new and innovative single-seater in which the tubular steel chassis was replaced by a carbon fibre monocoque as well as the incorporation of better aerodynamics and improvement of the electronics, resulting in the second best Spanish design score and the lighest Spanish car entered.

In order to face the challenge this season presented, the team was comprised of 17 members who were able to bring the project to fruition even with the large technical leaps from the previous design.

The project headed by these members includes planning the development of a long-term team structure model in where students from different courses of engineering and other UVigo campuses will join the team year by year so that continuous improvement and knowledge transfer will be ensured.

Season 2016-2017

The last season has been the best one of our history. Despite of being a very young team, we have been able to design, manufacture and compete with a new vehicle each year since the team’s foundation. And in this last season, we have reached the top of the competition, becoming a really competitive team in Formula Student, even between older, bigger and better-financed teams. However, a lot of challenges and difficulties have been faced this season, but we have turned them into opportunities and achievements. Thanks to the great effort of every member in UVigo Motorsport, and thanks to our sponsors’ essential support of the project, we have finished our best season and we have even been in the podium of Montmeló.

The main points of this season were:

  • Participation in Formula Student Germany (FSG), the most demanding and requested between all the Formula Student.

  • Engine break in FSG and new engine’s assembly and fine tunning in barely four days, between the arrival from Germany and the next competition.

  • Participation in Formula Student Spain (FSS), in Montmeló race track (Barcelona). Here we have been able to pass the scrutineering and run in all the events with the new engine.

  • Finalist of the cost event in FSS, with the University of Modena (Italy) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), both teams older and financially stronger than us.

  • Official FSS award for the ‘Best Team Work’ in the competition. This trophy rewards our development in all the static events (design, cost, business plan presentation), as well as our overall result in relation to the team’s characteristics. It is a deserved award. We are competing with a high-level design in just our third year, with a team with half the size of the average in te competition, and with a more limited funding coming almost totally from private local companies.

Points breakdown of the events (total: 1000 points)
Points breakdown of the events (total: 1000 points)
Points breakdown of the events (total: 1000 points)
Points breakdown of the events (total: 1000 points)

None of the accomplished would have been possible without the support of our sponsors, which is especially important in our team. Generally, Formula Student teams hold most of their funding in different public institutions and in their university. That is not our case, and we are truly proud of having reached these team’s level using resources from the Galician industry and being the perfect reflection of the potential of our industry.