UVigo Motorsport 3D print service

From UVigo Motorsport we offer a 3D print service to help you to make your own ideas

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We only accept 3D files with .stl format.
The sizes of our print table are 200mm x 270mm base and 200mm high, so the pieces to be printed cannot exceed that dimmensions.
Once the file has been receipt, we will answer with a budget in the three qualities available and we will recommend what is the quality that best fits your needs, if accepted the piece will be placed in our print queue.
Actually we have in stock black, white , red, blue , pink, orange, green and purple colors, and we hope to expand our range of colours in the future.


In function of the selected quality the geometrical tolerances and the printing time will change. With more quality, more printing time. LD quality has a change of 1mm over the real size, MD quality 0.5mm and HD quality has a insignificant error.


The cost will be 0.06€ per PLA gram + 1€ per printing hour.



This piece has 45x50x133mm dimmensions and weights 21 grams.
The cost in LD quality would be 3.46€, in MD 4.23€ and in HD quality 7.03€
Taxes included in the price

Para cualquier duda ou consultar pode enviar un correo a 3Dprinter@uvigomotorsport.com