UVigo Motorsport

We are the first Galician Formula Student team.
Our objective: to design and manufacture a single-seater in order to compete in several European race tracks.

Formula Student

Formula Student is the most important inter-university car competition in Europe. Based on a formative interdepartmental project initiated in the United Kingdom in 1998, more than a hundred universities from all over the world meet annually in each of the European circuits that host this event. It entails the challenge of designing and building a high-performance car to overcome the different static and dynamic tests, to acquire technical knowledge and to push the innovative capacity of every team.

Endorsed by world-renowned engineers including Ross Brawn, former leader of Mercedes AMG F1 team and Formula Student patron; more than just building a car, the essence of the competition is to inspire and challenge future engineers to be more enterprising, innovative and competent.

The competing teams will emulate an industrial company by undergoing different processes ranging from investigation and design, production and prototype testing, to cost and marketing management. All these will be evaluated by expert juries from the automotive industry.

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UVigo Motorsport

Currently, the team is made up of twenty-six engineering students from different branches of engineering with real passion for competitive sports. Our experienced members from previous years help to integrate our new members into the team.

Our project looks forward to the long-term implantation of a team model in which students from different engineering courses –and other studies– join the project year by year, in order to develop a continuous improvements and transfer of knowledge.